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Eni presents "We Make" at Milan Triennale

(AGI) Rome, Sept 5 - Italian integrated energy company Eni will take part in the...

Eni presents "We Make" at Milan Triennale
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(AGI) Rome, Sept 5 - Italian integrated energy company Eni will take part in the 21st Milan Triennial Exhibition "Design After Design" as main partner of the event and of Maker Faire - The European Edition, the largest robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) fair in Europe. Eni will present its very own conference "WE MAKE. Il futuro tra energia e innovazione" (WE MAKE: The future in energy and innovation) at the Milan Triennial on Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Salone Agora'. Nine speakers led by Italian Digital Champion Riccardo Luna will offer insight on the future of design, innovation technology, energy and digital artisanry. The event will also mark the conclusion of the 21st Triennial and officially inaugurate Eni's partnership with Maker Faire. Topics such as 3D printing, design and digital artisanry will be discussed by: Marinella Levi, professor of Materials Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan and founder of +Lab, Italy's top authority on 3D printing founded in the same buildings where Nobel laureate Giulio Natta worked in the 1950s; Simona Maschi, co-founder and director of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design; and Stefano Micelli, professor of Business Management and Economics at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Alessandro Chessa, professor of Statistical Physics at Lucca's Institute for Advanced Studies, will focus on big data, while Talent Garden founder Davide Dattoli will address start-ups. The main focus of the conference will be future scenarios for the energy sector, with speaker Francesco Gattei, Head of Scenarios and Strategic Operations at Eni. "WE MAKE" is part of a series of events on "making" that Eni launched with the hackathon "Renewables" at Milan's Polihub in June and continued with its "CaterRaduno" meeting in Senigallia on the company's advanced solar technology. The cycle will end with the next Maker Faire at the Nuova Fiera di Roma (New Rome Fair) from October 14 to 16, during which Eni will showcase its projects portfolio not only for renewable energy but also for IoT solutions for energy efficiency demands such as home automation, sustainability and work safety. Now more than ever, research and innovation technology are two key elements in Eni's strategy of integrating technical and scientific knowledge with multidisciplinary approaches, with a view to provide effective answers for the energy industry's greatest challenges. (AGI). .