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Della Vedova: Rouhani's victory in Iran confirms nuclear deal

Della Vedova: Rouhani's victory in Iran confirms nuclear deal
La vittoria di Hassan Rouhani in Iran conferma l'accordo nucleare (Afp)

Rome - The recent vote which elected Hassan Rouhani President of Iran confirms the Iranian people stand by the nuclear deal. Italy and Europe now must intensify their political and economic relations with Tehran with a view to forging a balanced policy in the Middle East to guarantee stability and security. Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Benedetto Della Vedova, has explained to AGI that Mr Rouhani's election may consolidate a new course in relations between the two countries, which started after the sanctions were lifted.

What lesson can we draw from the vote the Iranian people cast on May 19?

"We must stay alert with respect to Iran, but the vote has acknowledged the efforts made by a reformist. We realize that democracy in Iran is limited because of the procedures ruling the selections of candidates. Nevertheless, the election has shown us that there is a lively political debate in the country. Mr Rouhani's second mandate is a clear sign of it, as it also is by the large turnout of voters. The result of the polls has acknowledged Rouhani the reformist. The people of Iran have confirmed their support to the nuclear deal."

One critical point for Mr Rouhani in the past election was the limited impact that economic reforms are having on the daily lives of the Iranian people.

"Reforms and the determination to open up cannot yield immediate results, but in the past year the Iranian economy under Mr Rouhani has started to grow. The time that elapsed from the lifting of the sanctions till now is not much. However, some positive results can be seen already, though the process has just started. As you know, Italy was among the very first countries to understand the opportunities of it."

What has held back the process and what are the sectors that have the most room for improvement?

"First of all, we must remember that many of the U.S. sanctions on Iran are still in force. This complicates credit lines and financing for those who would like to invest in Iran. Italy and its government are working to develop mechanisms that can guarantee investments in Iran."

What is the future now for Iran following Mr Rouhani's victory?

"His victory certainly confirms the easing of tensions and a will to press ahead with reforms. The newly-elected president has become a key-player in the line of succession to the supreme leader Ali Khamenei. Thus, we can expect a more moderate leadership."