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Coca-Cola Italia employs over 25,000 workers

Coca-Cola Italia employs over 25,000 workers
 secretary.itMilano - Coca-Cola HBC Italia 

Milan - Coca-Cola HBC Italia has commissioned a survey to SDA Bocconi School of Management to assess the economic and occupational impact generated by the company in Italy in 2015. The results showed that the 'Coca-Cola System' has generated employment either directly (employees) or indirectly (providers at different levels) for 25,610 units in Italy, amounting to 0.1 percent of the total workforce in the Country.

People depending in part or totally from incomes generated directly or indirectly by Coca-Cola are approx. 60,000. Coca- Cola is the largest employer in the drinks and beverages industry. It has 2,100 direct employees working out of its 9 facilities (offices, storehouses and factories).The survey has also shown that it employs a higher percentage of women, compared with the industry average, both in terms of middle-managers (43 percent compared with 28 percent) and in terms of management positions (30 percent compared with 14 percent).

The U.S. multinational corporation offers its direct employees a higher salary profile than the average industry salary in the Italian beverage sector at the same level of professional qualification. The gap between the salaries paid to managers and those of other professional positions is smaller in Coca-Cola than in the average Italian company.