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China: Suining, an example of Green Economic Transformation

(AGI) - Rome, 18 ago. - While it once was a city lagging behind because of havin...

China: Suining, an example of Green Economic Transformation
 Cina, economia verde

(AGI) - Rome, 18 ago. - While it once was a city lagging behind because of having neither capital nor natural resources, the concept of green development by now has turned Suining into a city full of vigor and vitality. The upcoming "2016 Suining Green Economy Conference" will add even more shades of green to the development of the city. What is Green Economy? It is the path Suining chose for its transformation and development when it was facing downward economic pressures. While the in-depth adjustment of the global economy is still ongoing, China's economy finds itself at a crucial point in its period of transformation. Not just for Suining, but actually for the whole country transformation has become crucial in the road to development. Economists believe that China's economy is facing many difficulties and challenges, but exactly these difficulties and challenges bring along the opportunity to transform and upgrade. To get a clear view on the major trend of China's development, one should particularly focus on the perspective of "structural adjustment", and understand the key aspect: structural reforms. While the demand is moderately expanding, the efforts made to increase the supply are structurally reformed. After a meeting of the center government in November 2015, "structural reforms of the supply-side" has swiftly become a frequently heard concept in China. This gives considerable impetus to the development of new industries, formats, and methods in China's economy. "Creating green industries means you have to transform and upgrade traditional industries, and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacities. You have to breed superior industries, companies, and products, that contain high-level science and technology, bring about economic benefit, consume little resources and less damage to the environment, said the person in charge of Suining's Economic Development Zone. As early as 2007, Suining already introduced the concept of Green Development and made it the city's development strategy. As the strategy was introduced at the moment that traditional development methods were being reconsidered, Suining had to make a big jump from coming up with a theory to putting it into action. In 2012 and 2014, Suining successfully organized two editions of the "Suining Green Economy Conference", turning Green Development into Suining's number one trademark. The conference also provided a strong theoretical foundation and knowledge support driving forward Suining's Green Development. During the upcoming "2016 Suining Green Economy Conference" the new approach to Green Development, with distinctive features such as ecology, recycling, low-carbon, and efficiency, will summarize even more experience supported by practical evidence to give other Chinese cities the chance to build on Suining's experience while implementing Green Transformation and Development. Suining, a once unknown city in the hinterland of Sichuan Province, has now rewritten its own destiny by 'going green'. In 2015, the city full of blooming green achieved a GDP of over 13.77 billion US dollar, amounting to a year-on-year increase of 13.2%, the highest growth rate of all cities in Sichuan Province. The economic growth rate did not decrease after the advance of Green Development and the construction of a green city, it actually developed faster and better, and effectively boosted the structural transforming and upgrading of the economy. Promoting the concept of Green Development in the past few years has not just given Suining its own trademark. Even more praiseworthy is the fact that this concept has had a real impact on the people and has pushed forward the development of the city. As the reforms have now entered the next stage and a crucial point is reached, development needs strong encouragement to genuinely replace old methods with new methods. Only then, it might fit in with the 'new normal' of the economy. Suining's experience illustrates that Green Development provides a sustainable force to push China's economic growth, and that it can continuously push forward structural transformation and upgrade of the economy. Suining has quietly become the proof of economic transformation in China. (AGI) .