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Apulian recipes star on Australian TV with "Mammissima"

Apulian recipes star on Australian TV with "Mammissima"
Elisabetta Minervini 

(AGI) Melbourne, Aug 2 - The best of Apulia's recipes will be featured on Australian television Wednesday evening on a telecast live from Melbourne's studios. Elisabetta Minervini will present a few of the original recipes in her book "Mammissima". The initiative was organised by food and wine importer Enoteca Sileno in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC). Ms Minervini will prepare the dishes in front the audience and then offer them a taste, accompanied by a glass of wine.  Born in Apulia - a region known for its light, nutritious, and wholesome food - Ms Minervini has brought the vitality of Apulian cuisine to her home in London, where she has experimented with the best traditional recipes loved by adults and children alike. For instance, she has reinterpreted the following dishes: "orecchiette" (a type of pasta) with broccoli, stuffed peppers, octopus salad, an unmatched version of homemade pizza, and a variety of delicious desserts and sweets.  Her style of cooking is perfectly suited to the modern lifestyle and for busy moms who want to prepare quick and easy dishes that are also healthy and inexpensive. "Mammissima" is a colourful introduction to all that Apulian home cooking has to offer. (AGI).