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#NaplesToday launched to promote city on social media

(AGI) Naples, July 22 - Naples has launched its second social media project #Nap...

#NaplesToday launched to promote city on social media
 #Naplesoday Napoli - sito

(AGI) Naples, July 22 - Naples has launched its second social media project #NaplesToday to promote the city on the blogs of some well-known international opinion formers on the web. The hashtag was created by Gesac, which manages Naples' airport, with the patronage of the city of Naples and in partnership with the city's Union of Industrialists. Four bloggers from France, England, Spain, and The Netherlands stayed in Naples for two weekends in March and uploaded pictures and commentary to the social media sites, on their experiences as city guests. The aim was for Naples to attract more so-called "city breakers", the new generation of DIY tourists who use the web to research and pay for their journeys. The project reached 1.2 million users, 200,000 more than last year, and the number of people who used or saw the hashtag on social media increased by almost 100,000, rising from 240,000 to 324,000. Social media interaction such as likes, shares, and comments quadrupled from 38,000 in 2015 to 162,000. One of the reasons behind the growth was that this year hoteliers were also involved in the project, said Gesac CEO Armando Brunini. "Social media channels are prevalent today in promoting tourism, so that's where we placed our bets." Air lines must also be given a reason to increase the number of flights and promote the city's locations to encourage tourists, he added. "We wanted to demonstrate that tourism can be promoted in a fresh, modern way, working alongside other people. Some of the most clicked on links were Naples' coves, like Gaiola, its alleys, and its food, especially fried anchovies." (AGI). .